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Heeelloo! It’s been two months you guys! I mean I have really missed this little space. Ahh but so good to be home again. This Summer has been so jammed packed with a lot of online courses, learning, searching my heart and mainly uncovering one of several true passions in my life – being creative.

I can’t remember the last time I was able to sit down for an extended period of time and just create like I was able to do this Summer. What a gift. One very cool thing that has begun for me is sewing classes.  My idea was to share my journey along the way but I decided I wanted to be enveloped myself with the learning process before sharing. So here is my first, of several,  posts on  some of the cool things that went  on during Summer 2015 for this gal.

I think it all started in July, my birthday month, when my husband asked me casually what I thought I would like as a gift for my birthday. I really hadn’t put much thought. Although, what had been lingering in my mind were these sewing classes I had inquired about a few months prior. So, over the Summer, I started practicing my sewing by watching video after video but nothing beyond that. The day of my birthday I opened up the most beautiful and thoughtful birthday card from my husband with his handwritten words ” i believe in you” in the inside. But what also came in the card with a fully paid receipt to the next round of the 10 week sewing classes I wanted to attend. Oh my word! I was floored! I mean in tears!  He believes in me! So much so that he paid a pretty penny for classes that he thought I would be good at. How caring. You guys I am a stay at home mom raising my baby girl on a single income. Paying for the classes was not just a drop in the bucket by any means, but… he believed in me. My husband is a great guy. He really is.

I started my classes this September and have already learned  a lot. I think I have grown this “creative confidence”. A confidence to create, explore, and be bold without hesitation or reservation. There is nothing more pleasing to my soul than doing that which brings me joy and that is to create. So with all that said let me show you a fun sewing project that was easy to make and didn’t take much time at all.

Most recently, I created this cute little headband from the blog Sew Caroline .  I was so over this fabric she designed that I had to order it to complete this project- too cute!  The link above will take you straight to her page where you can print out the sewing instructions and the pattern. After going to her page I think you’ll want to sew more than just a the knit headband. She has some great patterns for more fun projects.

On to the next project and I’ll see you next week my friends with more Summer 2015 learning adventures!


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