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Who loves cute little makeup bags?! Meeeeee!  When I travel I love caring all these little  makeup bags with all my little things I need for tripin’.

I wanted something that would carry a good amount of stuff.  The normal flat makeup bags weren’t just cutting  it for everything I needed and of course I want to be original so I decided I create something. Why not?! While going online and looking for tutorials I would come across tutorials for the Boxy Makeup Bag. I loved it! It not only suited my needs but it was cute as well 🙂 That’s like a huge plus guys,  come on! If you would like to reference the tutorial that helped me the most, use this one.  Melanie gives great instructions and she even included a sweet video for a  more in-depth how-to.

Sky’s the limit here you all. These little pouches can serve many different purposes so don’t feel limited to only makeup or toiletries. You can also be super creative with fabric. For example, if you are a hair stylist you can use oil cloth because it is easy to whip clean and it’s a bit more durable that quilting cotton. Idea! Hello! That would make such a cool gift. Ok, give a sec I am going to add that to my wunderlist….  Ok go it.  So, don’t be afraid to be creative with this one and experiment. Let me tell you a little how I experimented for this project. I knew I wanted that boxy look but I didn’t want the same dimensions as the tutorial suggested. So, all I did was change up the cut sizes, sewed it up and I got the same boxy look just different size. Score! It was fun! Oh wait, you want to make one too? Ok let’s get this party started and get you on your way sewing the most fabulous boxy makeup bag you’ve ever owned!


– Outer fabric
– Lining fabric
– Interfacing (Pellon 987FB10)
– Coordinating Zipper (longer than the length of the cut fabric)
– Coordinating thread
– Glue stick
– Iron and Ironing board
– Scissors
– Rotary cutter and Cutting mat

1. For your make up bag choose two different fabrics. One will be the outer layer and the other will be the inner lining fabric. In this picture I am showing you were the butterfly fabric will be my outer layer and the tan leafy fabric will be inner lining. I was debating between the tan or light purple for the lining. Tan leafy won.
2. I cut my inner, outer AND interfacing ALL 9in. squares. I used to dislike cutting fabric soooo much because I really didn’t know how to do that right. I always had mismatched blocks – oh was it a mess. I believe I got over in like 1. 2secs and just practiced and learned from the pro tutorials online and asking questions. It’s getting waaay better.
_MDL50213. Iron on the interfacing to the outer fabric per manufactures instructions.
_MDL50234. This is a step I learned to do instead of pinning. Please note that is completely optional. The original tried and true way is still pinning. I just wanted a faster and pin free way to do this part. What I do before I insert the zipper is run a glue stick on the very top edge of my outer fabric and quickly lie my zipper face down right over that edge. I then run a hot iron just on that area. What that does is melt the glue on the zipper and acts like a basting stitch. You have to do this quick because it’s differently not permanent.  Ok I don’t have a picture of this part but i’ll do my best to describe what’s next. Oh look who came to sit and sew with me! My Daisy girl! She is like a jumbo jet of an animal! Hi girl! Ok back to sewing._MDL5044 With the zipper and outer fabric still attached by glue – repeat the same step to now attach the inner lining fabric. Run the glue stick on the upper part of the zipper and then attach the lining fabric face down. Iron the upper edge to melt the glue. Everything should now be basted with glue and ready to be sewed in. Keep in mind I never experienced glue on the needle. Not once. That is why I continue using this method instead of pins – plus I don’t get out of control with it either. Ok sew straight down from edge to edge making sure you don’t sew too close to the zipper teeth. Repeat this step for both sides.
_MDL50245. Just a little suggestion to give that finished look. When you have sewed both your sides on the zipper, use an iron to press a good seam before you top stitch. Then go to your machine and sew a clean straight top stitch no more than a quarter to an eighth from the top of the fabric. This gives it a clean polished look. _MDL5025

_MDL50266. Next, fold over the sides with the outer pieces facing each other. Make the zipper stays even even if the fabric on the bottom is not. Using a straight stitch, sew the bottom of the bag using a 1/2″ seam allowance. This will allow for trimming. For the next step you can use a serger or zig zap stitch like I did in the picture below. Now, cut off any access fabric leaving about and eighth before the stitch line. This will leave room for the zig zag stitch. Now that the edge is clean sew a zig zag stitch all along the bottom edge. Should look like this. _MDL50297. With the bottom closed let’s get ready to sew up the sides. We are almost done! Hang in there 🙂 Ok, with the bottom stitch lined up with the zipper teeth, pin or binder clip the fabric together so it doesn’t shift around. Using a 1/2″ seam allowance and sew a straight stitch.  Cut the access fabric off of the sides and close it up with a zig zag stitch. Reference pictures below.

TIP: Make sure to pull the zipper to the middle so you can turn the pouch right side out. _MDL5027_MDL5028_MDL50308.  This is the last step in making your boxy makeup bag. This part gives it the boxyness (not a word?) look. At first it is a little tough but gets easier if you measure correctly. You can use your fancy acrylic ruler or a measuring tape for this one. Fold one corner so it looks a little like a triangle.  Tug on the fabric and make sure it’s tight all the way around. Then measure 3″ from end to end just like the picture. Take some tailor’s chalk or washable maker and mark that line. _MDL50319. Sew the straight line from end to end and don’t forget to backstitch. _MDL503210. Cut off the access fabric leaving just enough to do your zig zag stitch like the previous steps. _MDL503511. Zig Zag your end. Look, nice and neat right?! Let me quickly explain why I am asking you to zig zag pretty much every seam neatly. When you turn your bag right side out and look in, you see all the seams. They will not be hidden. Although you can make this bag with everything hidden – I haven’t included that in this tutorial. I find the exposed seams kind of fun because you can use fun colors like metallic or something bright. It’s completely up to you.  Ok so do this step for every corner. Take your time and measure correctly. It’s not a race. If your measurements are off you can see the lopsided sides. One will look long or shorter than the others. Measure 3x and sew 1x. Golden rule of sewing. At least for me. _MDL503612. The fun part, turn your bag right side out.  You’ve just sewed your very own gorgeous Boxy Makeup Bag! Congrats my friend! Here are a couple of other variations that I’ve done.  Get out there and sew!

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