DIY Letter Pillows


Patterns Patterns Patterns!!

You guys this has been my little “thing” for the past month! I am loving sewing patterns right now.  A month ago if you would have asked me if I have ever sewn with a pattern I definitely would have said no because I hadn’t. They looked foreign and scary to me. However, lately I have been making my way to the fabric store where, if my timing is right, I get them on sale.  Like $1.99 sale! I get my limit each time and love knowing that I saved over $100 just for waiting for the sale price. I don’t know what’s better, the pattern or the sale? NO, it’s equally great!

I am fairly new to sewing but this girl is getting right into it 🙂 I am enjoying the cool things I have been learning and making these days. This quilt has been one of my favorite to make thus far. A little skirt for my daughter was fun too. Although, I got the size of the waistband a little off but hey I am working on it and continuing to practice. My aunt who lives in California was in town last week and she was able to give me some direction as well. Just a little brag on her, she sews these amazing quilts and in her home in California their entire back porch was turned into her sewing studio with floor to ceiling cabinets FULL of fabric. I mean awesome stuff! I cherish all the little blankets she made for my daughter. InitialPillow-2-2-18

I am learning that if I want to excel at something I need not to be afraid of asking for help and find people who are genuinely willing to teach. Sewing is a skill that I am excited to pass down to my daughter. Will she like it? I don’t know but today I can do my best because when it gets to that time to show her – maybe she will.

So, in the midst of deciding between projects, I got this idea to make pillows with each of the letters of my daughter’s name. We named her Vida which is “life” in Spanish. After much prayer God blessed us with life and that’s how we decided on her name – in short. So, project was about to start when a friend of ours had a baby boy and I immediately thought this would be a cute gift for his nursery. I held off on Vida’s name and went with the newborn baby’s initials. Mind you this was the first time I had ever used a pattern and the first time I had ever needed to sew something outside of straight lines. There were challenges but nothing too complicated. I believe that if I was able to complete this project you can totally do it! Now, I am just thinking about creative ways to possibly use different cute fonts! Make my own pattern, maybe!?

Let’s do this!


  • Fun fabrics (be creative! denim, cotton, sequin, patchwork)
  • Sewing machine (it can definitely be done by hand)
  • Coordinating thread
  • Cutting mat
  • Fabric scissors or Rotary cutter
  • Pins or washers (home improvement store)
  • McCall’s Pattern #3274
  • Scissors to cut pattern
  • Sewing needle to hand sew the last step

1. Ok guys make sure to cut all your pattern pieces out. In this case you will be cutting all or only the letters that you will be needing to complete your project. Please don’t use your fabric scissors on paper. They will dull your scissors soon than later.

2. Place your cut pattern on your fabric. You can pin the pattern or I use plan ol’ washers from the home improvement store.

3. Cut around the pattern using scissors or a rotary cutter. I have tried both methods and I really like the cut I get with a rotary cutter. Personal preference though. One you finish cutting your fabric letter it should like something like this. Turn right sides together for next step.

4. Pin all around letter before sewing. This keeps the fabric from moving around.

InitialPillow-3-3InitialPillow-2-2I left a good gap in between the pins to remind me not to sew between them.

5.  Sew slowly around the letter. Make to curve around the “curves” of the letter.

6. When you are done sewing cut notches around the letter to prevent puckering and bubbling. For some reason though that still happen with me.

7. Turn your fabric right side out and get it ready for stuffing. When you stuff it make sure you distribute as even as possible.

8. Ok this is where you close the opening. The instructions call for you to do a slip stitch or ladder stitch. This stitch is known for canceling the stitch. I hadn’t do it before so I just sewed the seam closed using the sewing machine. I tried sewing as close as possible to the edge to keep it clean looking.

9. I followed the same steps for the other two letters.


Have fun with sewing your Letter Pillows!


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