Easy Pico de Gallo with Tuna


Hey! How’s it going out there? I really hope that everyone has been enjoying their summer so far. Lately, we have been experiencing some pretty hot and humid days down here in deep South Texas. As I am writing this it’s about 91° outside and it’s not August yet! On hot days like this my husband likes to eat light, fresh and cool meals. So a few days ago he made his famous pico de gallo with tuna. I hadn’t heard of this before we were married. He just made it up. His words literally.

Really guys, this pico with tuna tastes so good that I couldn’t even put a chip full of this stuff down. Protein! Ya! I kept hovering around the bowl and I told my husband it was because I needed to keep sampling. Ha! So right away I knew that I wanted to share his concoction with you because it’s really that good and very easy to put together. I know that some people aren’t to keen on tuna but that’s ok, just leave it out and if you do that then all you have is pico and that i great too! Who does’t love a good pico dip with chips. But guys rethink not adding the tuna. It is packed with protein and you are getting that with veggies all in the same meal. That is sweet.

So, before we put it together, know that there are several options you can do with the recipe to bring up the spice and flavor or tone it down all together. It’s really all up to you how you would like to prepare it. One thing that I would suggest is to make sure you are using a good knife because you will be slicing and dicing – A LOT.

TIP: Some good friends of ours told about the chef knives at Sam’s Club and they are Awweeeesssommee! They cut through meat, veggies, fruit, chicken like nobody’s business. I was impressed. I mean for price it’s a steal.



1.  1 onion
2.  A few stems of cilantro
3.  3 avocados
4.  2 or 3 serrano peppers (optional)
5.  5 or 6 tomatoes
6.  3 limes (add more limes for a zestier flavor)
7.  All in one seasoning (optional)
8.  2 or 3 cans of tuna ( in water)


1.  Chop up all the vegetables and hold them in a bowl.
2.  Open the tuna and drain all the water.
3.  Mix all the ingredients in the same bowl and mix using a large spoon.
4.  Squeeze in lime juice to your liking.
5.  Optional: Add season all to your liking. 
6.  Grab a chip or cracker and enjoy!


1. Make sure to deseed the cilantro peppers before chopping them and placing them in the bowl to mix.

TIP: When cutting avocado, cut a grid and use a spoon to scoop out all the avocado in one pass. No mess!


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