Handmade Boho Summer Bag

I have been wanting a bag like this for such a long time and now it’s here aaaaand I made it! What a big deal! Literally guys! Making something for yourself that is totally functional and cute can’t be beat. I am glad I finally decided to buckle down and do it. The fabric had been sitting on my table for some days before I got the nerve to start.  I think I was feeling a bit nervous to begin this project for the many reasons people don’t step out of their box – it’s new, scary and overwhelming.  Although sewing this project might not compare to a hike up Mount Everest, but it sure felt like it to me! In the end though, Mount Everest didn’t beat me.

Since I have been tackling the art of sewing many new creative outlets have occurred. It’s been quite exciting actually. My husband signed me up for a 10 week sewing course at our local Singer store and also purchased Bonnie Christine’s Creativelive course on surface pattern design  and really I can’t be happier knowing that he supports me.  So with his support and ongoing motivational kicks, I get up and try tackling/learning/reading/sewing/creating new things everyday.

So for this bag I found the pattern from Butterick at my local fabric shop. It’s pattern number  is B5799. Apparently it’s a popular pattern because it was sold out but I was able to find the last one misplaced in the cabinet. Score! Really, I think this pattern was quite simple for us beginners but you still need to follow it carefully to ensure a perfect bag.  Let’s get it done!

1. Here is the pattern you will need. Please make sure that you follow the instructions insert will attention to detail.

2. Gather your supplies.

3.  Use scissors that are only for paper to cut out your pattern pieces. I cut out pieces 1 & 2 to correspond to bag A.

4.  Start with your main fabric piece. Pin your pattern down. TIP: Pay close attention to where the grain lies.  You can cut using sharp fabric scissors or I used the smallest rotary cutter to carefully cut along the pattern.

5. When you are done cutting you still need to mark according to the pattern instructions. Here I need to mark where my pleats will be.  Where that pin is sticking out I used a disappearing ink marker to mark a dot.

6. Cutting the lining just like the instructions say.

7. These are the outer and inter fabrics cut and ready for construction.

8.  So this is my first attempt at any kind of pleats. It wasn’t that bad but it did take some time. To do this right make sure that you marked your fabric correctly. Refer to the pattern if needed.

_MDL5214-12 _MDL5213-11
9. The outer bag got constructed first. It wasn’t hard until sewing the bottom. That was a bit tricky for me especially the curves. I just need to practice though.

10. The lining bag is constructed the same except there is a slight sewing change due to the opening you have to leave to turn the bag right side out once you’ve sewn in the lining. However, please refer to the pattern instructions for full finishing details. Not bad right?! I hope that you have enjoyed my Boho style bag tutorial so now get out there and create!

_MDL5220-15 _MDL5218-14




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