Yarn Pom Poms

Making a pom pom has been so much fun and easy to make. I’ve made so many that now I’m having to be creative on where to store them. Good problem to have though! I want to share with you a quick post on how I made these because they are so versatile and trust me FUN! I’m also including in my post several ideas for projects where you can use these pom poms.



1. Plastic Yarn Needle
2. Small sharp scissors
3. We are Memory Keepers Pom Pom Maker ($8 @ Hobby Lobby)
4. Your choice of yarn

1. For this example I used the size large pom pom maker. Before wrapping the yarn, leave a 1″ slack on the top.


2. Start wrapping around one end of the pom pom maker. *Hint: The more you wrap the fuller your pom pom will be. The bulkiness of the yarn also helps in determining the size.


3. Your pom pom maker will look like this after you have wrapped both sides and cut your ends.


4. Keep the yarn secure as you cut the center to start creating the pom. Do this to both sides.


5.  After you’ve cut both sides you will see your pom start to take shape.


6.  Cut about an 8″ to 10″ piece of yarn to tie off the pom.


7. Squeeze the yarn around the center of the pom to tie it off and secure it with several knots.


8. Open the two semi circle pom pom guides.


9. Gently pull the pom pom maker apart from the center.


10. This is how the pom pom looks once your separate and fluff the yarn.


11.  This part is a bit messy so over a trash can, give your pom pom a hair cut and fluff again. The pom will look like this – even, fuller and softer.


12. You’re done!  These are examples of poms made from the same size maker but different yarn weights. What you get are poms with different textures and weights.




I knitted these hats with a loom kit. I like poms on my hats so I added them to these. This is where you will need the plastic yarn needle to sew down the pom.

_MDL8675 _MDL8684

Party/Holiday Garland:

_MDL8647 _MDL8648

These pom poms are sure to bring cheerful and fun decor to any party or event. The possibilities and combinations are endless. If you have created these before and have ideas on how you used them please share with us in the comments. We are always open to new and creative ways to be crafty with our tools 🙂 Thanks for stopping in and until next week!  – Phil 4:13

Get after it!



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