Valentine’s Day Card + Printable

This year I thought I’d do something a little more special for my hubby, so I set out and designed a card for him! It was fun! Although my background isn’t in graphic design that didn’t stop me from trying 🙂 Being married 6 years this August, I feel so incredibly blessed to have my husband in my life. He’s extremely supportive of my ventures and doings and has always encouraged me to pursue my dreams and get after my goals. For that, I can’t be more thankful for him. He’s my answered prayer. So this year for Valentine’s day, I celebrate him. I celebrate his caring heart, his love for his family and his hard working spirit.




To download this card for your loved one, click here. You will be able to download it straight to your computer for easy printing.

I hope that this Valentine’s Day brings great times and special moments with your family.   Take a little time and celebrate those you love and love you!




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